County Judges discuss flood relief at DETCOG meeting

County Judges discuss flood relief at DETCOG meeting

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - DETCOG held their 46th Annual Luncheon and Awards Meeting Thursday. Several County Judges were in attendance and although it wasn't on the agenda, they couldn't stop talking about the weather.

"This is like a hundred year flood that's happening in East Texas right now ,” said DETCOG President

“We all prayed for rain in 2011,” said Houston County Judge Erin Ford. “We were desperate for it and we sure go it.”

Many of the judges across the region have declared a state of emergency due to the destruction to their individual counties. Although they've been in communication with other counties in Deep East Texas, they haven't formally sat down and discussed what to do.

"We've talked informally but have not gotten together as a formal group. Each county at the moment is focusing on their own concerns,” Ford said.

However, Deep East Texas county judges have been calling each other for advice and planning on what to do when it comes to flood relief and potential evacuations

"We're all kind of keeping our eyes on the ball, watching the weather this weekend,” said Jasper County Judge Mark Allen. “We're just kind of keeping up with each other and asking, what are you going through right now? What do we need to expect? What resources are you using if you do need to evacuate?"

While DETCOG hasn't officially made any moves regarding the emergency weather, they do have a plan.

"Our plans are to take all of those declarations from the counties and put them in a single declaration for our region and present them to the state and federal agencies,” Diggles explained.

The county judges are work together to get Deep East Texas out from under water.

"This is just one of those situations where we all band together,” Allen said. “We've done it with Space Shuttle Columbia, we've done it with Katrina and Rita and Ike, so we all work together really well.

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