Livingston PD: 37-year-old man pretended to be cop at Taco Bell

Livingston PD: 37-year-old man pretended to be cop at Taco Bell

LIVINGSTON, TX (KTRE) - Livingston Police officers arrested a 37-year-old man Thursday evening after he allegedly told Taco Bell patrons that he was an undercover police officer out of Houston.

He also allegedly flashed a badge and what he told people was a 9 mm pistol.

Jason Gabriel Mulgado, of Livingston, is still being held in the Polk County Jail on a third-degree felony impersonating a police officer charge and two outstanding misdemeanor warrants from the Polk County Sheriff's Office. No bail amount has been set on his charges at this time.

According to Lt. Matt Parrish of the Livingston Police Department, their dispatch received a complaint from a patron at the Taco Bell restaurant in the 1600 block of West. Church Street about a man telling people that he was a police officer.

When the Livingston PD officers arrived on the scene, the witnesses at the scene pointed Mulgado out and said that he had flashed a badge and what turned out to be a BB pistol, Parrish said.

The restaurant customers said that Mulgado identified himself as an undercover police officer who works in the Houston area, Parrish said. When one of the patrons asked Mulgado about what kind of gun he carries, he allegedly pulled up his shirt to reveal a pistol and said it was a 9 mm.

Parrish also said that Mulgado wandered from table to table talking to other customers. At one point, he talked to a couple with a disabled child and told them his agency had a "ride-along" program for kids where they would get badges when they finished.

After the LPD officers talked to Mulgado in the Taco Bell parking lot, they confirmed that the badge was for a security officer and the handgun was determined to be a BB pistol. They also found that he was not a licensed police officer.

Parrish said the case is still under investigation, and Livingston PD detectives are checking to see if Mulgado impersonated a police officer in any other incidents.

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