Tyler County Officials prepared for more flooding

Tyler County Officials prepared for more flooding

TYLER COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - Tyler County has experienced a lot flooding this week

"We have rivers and streams that have overflowed and it's impacted the families that live along those streams,” said Tyler County Emergency Management Coordinator Dale Freeman.

More rain is expected this weekend and county officials are worried there might be more flooding.

"We're just monitoring the weather right now. The lakes and the rivers are full and the water has no place to go but up,” Freeman said.

Tyler County already issued a voluntary evacuation Tuesday, but there are still people that won't leave their homes.

"We don't drag people out of their homes kicking and screaming,” Freeman explained. “We try to be gentle, we try to be persuasive but if they don't want to leave, they have to live with their consequences."

The Tyler County Sheriff's Department, along with the Game Warden and Task Force One are prepared and ready for water rescues to get people out of their homes. They also have a shelter set up that can house 141 people.

"Red Cross set it up, they're funding it, they're feeding and housing the people that are displaced.">

Tyler County is hoping people will come to the shelters and avoid potential danger

"The best thing you can do is come out, there's nothing that you have, no property that is worth risking your life," Freeman said.

No matter what happens this weekend, Tyler County assured they will take care of their residents.

"We're hoping we've seen the worst,” Freeman said. “We're afraid we haven't but whatever happens we're going to take care of it."

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