Army Corp of Engineers release water from Lake Sam Rayburn

Army Corp of Engineers release water from Lake Sam Rayburn

JASPER COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - After much debate, the Army Corps of Engineers released water from the Sam Rayburn Reservoir Tuesday into the Angelina and Neches Rivers.

They had initially intended to release the water this past weekend, but due to the levels holding steady, they were able to wait until Tuesday, when the weather was dry.

Jasper County officials credit the engineering of the reservoir for being able to hold the high levels without flooding over, saving many lives that live along the Angelina and Neches rivers.

"The Army Corps of Engineers went above and beyond to protect our citizens," said Jasper County Judge Mark Allen. "I know they were worried about the 173 level and held on a little longer for us and it worked and it saved lives and saved property."

Although it has stopped raining and the risk of flooding has decreased, Jasper County officials are continuing the "voluntary evacuation" to be safe.

The National Guard and Texas Forest Service are still on hand to help people evacuate if needed and the American Red Cross Shelter is still open until further notice.

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