Lufkin AMBUCS presents bike to special needs child

Lufkin AMBUCS presents bike to special needs child
Ali rides bike for the first time
Ali rides bike for the first time

AMBUCS in Lufkin is a non-profit organization dedicated to putting some wind beneath the wings of special needs children who have difficulty walking.   The group presented a special gift for a Jasper girl today. They found her right here on KTRE. 

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - "She got the hang of it really quickly!" said Tianna Morgan, Ali Najera's mother.

Ali is ten years old, but today, she smiled as the wind hit her face while riding a bike for the very first time.

"We thought that she would be an excellent candidate for the bike," said Cindy Melvin, Lufkin AMBUCS's President.

Ali suffers from an incurable progressive neurological disease.

"There is iron accumulating in her brain. As it progresses, it causes the muscles in her body to deteriorate," Morgan said.

KTRE has kept up with the spirited girl. We were there to watch Ali celebrate her tenth birthday, but we weren't the only ones watching.

"Several of our members saw a story that KTRE did on Ali,"Melvin said.

AMBUCS members in Lufkin chose Ali as one of the children to receive an Amtryke. It gives her the chance to move independently.

"This was my first time actually seeing her ride around on a bike, so it's really exciting. It's wonderful," Morgan said.

AMBUCS will give thirteen bikes on Saturday.  Thirty percent of Sonic's funds in April went in to help purchase the Amtrykes.

"It's a joy to see the look on the parent's face and the joy in the kids eyes," Melvin said.

Life for this family is not as simple as Ali's first joyride.  She will go into surgery Thursday. Her mom says the bike she got today will help her get through it.

"She's been anxious about it, but she's fine now. I told her she had her bike to look forward to after recovery. She was okay after that," Morgan said.

Those funds from Sonic was the supervisor, Krispen Jones' idea. She too has a daughter with special needs. She says she just wants to support the community, parents, and special needs children. Sonic will continue to donate to AMBUCS every year.

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