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Gift of Love: Nathalia

Nathalia is looking for the Gift of Love Nathalia is looking for the Gift of Love
(KLTV) -  It was an afternoon of flower arranging at Moss for Nathalia and me.  This sophomore tells me that she even takes a flower arranging class at school and love to work with flowers.

"It just gives me a time to create stuff basically," Nathalia said.

Nathalia enjoys school and being around her friends and does very well academically.  Her grades are very important to her as she takes on the responsibilities of being a student athlete.

"Favorite subject would have to be Principles of Health Science. Least Favorite subject would have to be Geometry," Nathalia said.

Nathalia says she wants to be a registered nurse when she gets older and already has plans to attend the nursing program at Tyler Junior College.  Nathalia is an athletic young lady who loves sports. Whether it's volleyball, basketball, or track, she is always up for some good competition.

"I'm involved in sports, volleyball, softball and I do FCA, FCCLA, and FFA," Nathalia said.

Nathalia has been through many difficulties in her life, but she is not one to easily give up.  She looks forward to meeting the many more challenges that lie ahead with an eager and strong spirit.

"I'm in Culinary Arts so we cook a lot and we are supposed to be going to New York," Nathalia said.

Her next challenge is raising the money to go on the trip.

As for her favorite thing to eat, nathalia says chinese food tops her list.  

And for dessert, "I'm not a big fan of chocolate so I guess Peach Cobbler," said Nathalia. A la mode of course!

Nathalia will need a family committed to giving her as much time as she needs to fit in and adjust to her new environment.  Her family will need to be active and allow her to be engaged in ongoing meaningful activities such as team sports.

"Just that there really supportive because my parents now they don't really go to my games. I just want someone who will be there and cheer me on," Nathalia said.

She also looks forward to going on vacations with her family.  Nathalia hopes for a family with trust, structure, guidance, encouragement and most importantly the Gift of Love.

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