Lufkin woman uses tragic story to teach others deal with grief

Lufkin woman uses tragic story to teach others deal with grief

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Fifteen years ago this month, Kathy Burr received a phone call no wife wants to hear, that her husband of 16 years had been in a terrible car accident

" Stunned very stunned, I was in shock," said Burr.

After 25 days on life support, Burr made the decision, after conferring with her in-laws, to let her husband rest in peace.

"It was the most difficult decision of my life, it was emotionally gut wrenching," said Burr.

The mother of three immediately fell into a state of despair

"Grief the beginning is a very dark thing. The emotional roller coaster that you find yourself on is extremely tiring," Burr explained.

It began to feel like too much, but Burr began to realize getting over the loss of her husband wasn't going to happen overnight. Finding peace would be a journey that she had to go through.

"Grief is never easy, but it's not something you can go around, you can't go over it, you can't go under it," Burr said. "It's something you have to go through."

Burr turned to her faith and through the bible and grief literature, she began to see herself not as a victim, but a person, like many others, that was going through a trial.

In time, she overcame her grief and decided that she wanted to help others going through the same thing. Through her church, Burr created a class to teach others how to get through the pain she knew all too well.

"Now the ministry that she's over is called Helping Hearts and really that's what Kathy is," said Eastview Pentecostal Senior Pastor Dave Hunt. "It's not what she does, she is a helping heart."

"When we reach a place in our life, having gone through something very difficult or tragic and we reach a place that we can turn that around and share empathy with others, it's a very powerful thing," Burr said.

Through the love of her children and teaching and connecting with others ,Burr has been able to overcome what she thought was an impossible task.

"You will make it, you will get through it, you will come out victorious," Burr said.

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