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Trinity students crushed after brawl bans them from graduation ceremony


A group of Trinity High School students and their parents are heart broken tonight at the punishment they received for participating in a brawl just three days before graduation.

KTRE talked to two of the seven boys involved in the fight yesterday.  They say they agreed with being punished, but they feel like losing a once in a lifetime privilege was far more than what they deserved.

The fight broke out yesterday just a couple days before the last day of school.  Several Trinity HS students began to join the fight before authorities arrived.

"Somewhere along the lines, people thought there was going to be weapons brought out." said Woody Wallace, the Trinity County Sheriff. 

Nicholas Bledsoe, Charles Slimp, Braylon Greggs, Tyreke Carroll, Damontrey House, Trequinn Williams and Samuel Lan were the seven seniors who authorities say were fighting over a tattoo. They were arrested on Class C misdemeanors for disorderly conduct. 

Wallace says their parents agreed that this might teach them a valuable lesson before the real world. 

"I believe in tough love.  When he got out the next day, he said he didn't want to ever spend a day in there. I was glad to hear that," said one of the student's mother. 

"Maybe a night in jail would help them respect authority a little more and not put themselves in the situation," Wallace said. "They are misdemeanors and won't hurt them.  Something more serious later on down the line would."

A letter is what has the students and their parents crushed. Tyreke Caroll's mother says she received only the letter from the school saying her son would not be able to cross the stage at Friday's graduation. 

Tyreke Caroll's mother says she received only a letter from the school saying her son would not be able to cross the stage at Friday's graduation. She says a call and an explanation from the superintendent was what she would have expected. 

Another parent, Julie Simanonok, says she too would have wanted a call from the school. 

"The dispute started early in the day. This could have been avoided, but the school did not keep them separated," Simanonok said. 

"Has the lesson not been taught? Do you think the night in jail and the fine itself is not enough lesson for them?" asked Cynthia Morgan, Caroll's mother. 

"Kids think that's an important thing," Wallace said. 

I spoke with two other parents who said that jail time, suspension, and a fine was enough. 

The superintendent and the school refused to comment. 

"In school, he tried his best, and at the end his reward is being taken away," said Morgan. 

The parents say the school not only banned the boys from walking the stage but banned them and their parents from attending the ceremony to watch friends and family at the graduation. 

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