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02/09/05 - East Texas

Big Rig Drivers Say Everyone Should Be Safe On The Road

by Ramonica R. Jones

Whenever an 18-wheeler pulls up behind you on the highway, it can be intimidating.  Most big rig drivers are probably more concerned about you than you are about them.

Trucker Bobby Johnson said, "Absorb the speed limit signs and try to obey them.  Those signs were not put up for decoration, they were put up for safety."

When truck drivers are moving heavy loads down the road, even the smallest things other drivers do can make a big difference.

Richard Simpkins said, "Watch for us because we make wide turns and we can't stop as quick as vehicles.  They need to watch for us as we watch for them."

Remember, just because you can see trucks, doesn't mean they see you.  Some drivers tend to think because they're in a smaller vehicle they always have the right of way.

"Everybody's in a hurry, but it's dangerous when you come into a populated area where there's a lot of traffic and you don't slow down," Johnson said.  "People are not courteous anymore; not even the truck drivers, the four wheelers, nobody."

Courtesy can mean the difference between a safe ride home and a trip that turns tragic.  Just as you would in any situation, always try to keep a safe distance between your car and any other vehicle on the road, and always signal before you switch lanes or make a turn.

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