School District Fights Flu With Unexpected Gift - | Lufkin and Nacogdoches, Texas

02/09/05 - Lovelady

School District Fights Flu With Unexpected Gift

An East Texas school is back in session after cancelling classes a couple weeks ago because of a flu outbreak.  Now, the school is even better equipped to fight sickness.

The Kimberly-Clark company donated 36 cases of anti-viral facial tissue and instant hand sanitizer to the district.  The tissue is a new product.  Once it's used, it kills cold and flu viruses within 15 minutes.  The hand sanitizer kills cold causing germs in 15 seconds.

Students who got to test these products seemed to like them a lot.

Second-grader Katelin Stone said, "It'll kill all the germs and it'll help you stay well."

Hand sanitizer has already been available throughout the district, but these new supplies are a welcome addition to preventing the spread of flu and other types of sickness.

High school principal Mark Parker said, "Right away we put it to good use; distributed it to the classrooms, to the offices, made it available to every student, every teacher, every employee of the district."

At one point, 28 percent of the Lovelady school district was out sick with the flu.

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