East Texas gas prices spike after months of relief at the pump

East Texas gas prices spike after months of relief at the pump

EAST TEXAS (KTRE) - East Texas drivers experienced a little relief at the pump this past year, but it seems the low gas prices were short-lived.

It might seem like a dream, but East Texas gas stations had a break at the pumps for a while.

Back in February, there was an intense gas war between two Jasper stations brought drivers from all over to get the gas at unbeatable prices at its lowest $1.31 a gallon.

"I'm 59-years-old, and this is the first time I've seen prices this low since I was a child!" said a Jasper resident about the prices in February.

During the past months, East Texans have been seeing that rise at the pump throughout the Spring.

We've seen a 25-cent jump JUST this month alone.

Looking at the tank as half full instead of half empty, gas is still $1.04 lower than it was a year ago.

Experts project that the short spike won't last long. According to AAA, once crude oil cost and maintenance in refineries pass. The gas will drop once more.

Right now, the national average is $2.75 per gallon, while in Lufkin, it's at $2.61 per gallon for regular unleaded gas.  Good news is that  a forecast from AAA calls for gas prices to decline this month and through the summer. This would result in the cheapest summertime gas prices since 2009.

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