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Soldiers Return To Longview After 14 Months In Iraq

Two soldiers, best friends for many years, came home to Longview after 14 months deployed in Iraq with the army. Sergeants Jeffery May and Andy McPeek came into Gregg County Regional Airport Wednesday night, met by their families. Both May and McPeek are members of the Tyler Army Reserve Unit, attached to the 485th Quarter Master Company.

The men were given a special surprise as Mays' longtime friend, pro-football player Josh Skobe of the Jacksonville Jaguars, greeted them at the airport. For both, it was a special homecoming.

"With the family being here, it is, getting off the plane, and feeling safe," said an emotional Sergeant Jeff May.

"Every soldier should have this, without people backing us up, our morale is going to be lower, we're not going to do our jobs as good.  To have a reception like this, it boosts your morale, it lets you know, hey, you're doing something right out there," said Sergeant Andy McPeek.

Both sergeants will now return to reserves. Each of them will now wait for possible orders to re-deploy in the future.

Bob Hallmark, reporting.

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