Lowriders Pant Law

by Jene' Young

Lowriders beware! That's the message, lawmakers, want to get out.

If a new law passes in Virginia, lowriding jeans, that expose underwear, will become illegal. The punishment would be up to a 50 dollar fine. Many people like the idea of moving the 'waist' of the pants back up to the waist.

One East Texan said, "Well as long as the parents don't have to pay for the fine. Just the kids I think it would be great. I mean I think it's kinda sloppy."

Others disagree strongly with this possible legislation. One East Texan called it "Just Ridiculous", while another said "It's not like your exposing yourself or anything."

So what do you think about this potential law? Should people get charged for not covering up, or are lawmakers going too far?

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