East Texas lawns vulnerable to fungal infections

East Texas lawns vulnerable to fungal infections

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - The combination of rain, sun, and heat are plaguing East Texas lawns with the threat of fungal infections.

"We have been so busy here this last week," said George Woods, manager of Lufkin Farm Supply and Nursery. "Everyone wants to know what they can do to stop this stuff."

Fungal infections come in various forms and can do different amounts of damage.

"The abundance of rain that we had earlier that just water logged everything and made everything soupy soggy has brought about a lot of fungal diseases," said Agrilife agent Cary Sims.

Most of the fungal diseases look like dead patches of grass, but they are much worse.

"They are going to be round patches," Woods said. "They are going to be look dead obviously. They are slimy. You will be able to reach down, grab you a handful of it, smell it. It will be musty smelling. "

The diseases also are not being picky on the plants they infect.

"This wet weather has been a problem in a lot of different plants," Woods said. "This has been in plants. It's been in shrubs, it's been in bedding plants. It's been in some trees even."

Experts say there are multiple things you can do to stop the spread of these diseases. Keeping the yard at a higher height, using less water,  using a weaker fertilizer and spraying treatments all help. Woods also said it is also good to let the plants breath some and not put in mulch right now.

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