Lufkin Dermatologist warns about too much sun

Lufkin Dermatologist warns about too much sun

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Most ladies would agree that the Texas sun in summer, provides the perfect atmosphere for a good tan.

"Tanning has a lot to do with body image and when you tan, you often feel better about yourself because you look tan and you feel tan," said Courtney Pryor, 20. " You feel beautiful."

Even in East Texas, it's not just something the girls do.

" I don't necessarily tan and lay out like most girls do, but I am out here for an hour to hour and a half," said Max Iguess.

Whether it is minutes in the tanning bed or hours outside, Lufkin Dermatologist Dr. Rowley Matthew, puts a spin on our idea of the summer tan.

"The increase in pigmentation is the bodies attempt to protect itself from future burns," said Dermatologist Dr. Rowley Matthew.

"Most of the cases of cancer are from people who spent their time outside."

Rowley explains that when you tan areas of the body that don't normally see the sun, those are the areas quicker to burn, therefore increasing your risk for cancer.

While we've all been warned to look for spots on our skin, but what exactly are we supposed to see?

"An increase in size, maybe a color that wasn't there before, either increased color, or less color," said Matthew.

Matthew says to look for two things when it comes to sunscreen. First, making sure that it is waterproof. Also, applying a protectant above 35 SPF.

"The higher the number is the better protection, but it's still only going to last a couple of hours, so reapplication is necessary," Matthew said. "With water resistant sunscreen we probably only have to reapply every two hours," as opposed to every half hour.

A practice that could help you keep your glow without risking your health.

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