Ryan Chapel Methodist Church to rebuild after fire

DIBOLL, TX (KTRE) - It has been a month since a fire leveled Ryan Chapel Methodist Church in the Burke/Diboll community.

The church has cleared a big hurdle:Their insurance company. It can now look to the next phase of rebuilding. Only concrete steps and a wood ramp stand as reminders of the former church.

"I said something to somebody one day that my ancestors would roll over in the grave if we didn't build back. And we're in the process." said, Pastor Charles Weeks. Most of their ancestors are in the cemetery behind the burned down church. Pastor Weeks said the insurance company has given Ryan Chapel a "go ahead" to start its development plans.

"As you can see the building is gone. There's been some clean up. But we're in the process of talking about the floorplans, the design of what we want to build." said, Pastor Weeks.

“I think that sometimes out of a tragedy comes good. And with that tragedy, I think, we have brought a community closer," said church member, Marty Harris. Just like this burned bush has signs of green life, church members say they too will rise from these charred reminders.  “The metal remains that you see here have been rusted by all the showers that we had in May. But come next Saturday, this, too, will be a distant memory.”

"This coming Saturday, we're having a roll-off dumpster brought in to start loading all of this scrap steel up and to clean up." said Pastor Weeks.

Once the ground is clear, the potential architect will have a clean slate to draft plans for a new sanctuary that may be a reflection of its former self. "The Little brown church back to a new building for an old congregation," said Pastor Weeks. Ryan Chapel has not selected an architect for its new church. That should be decided this month. Meanwhile, the church holds its Sunday morning service across the street at Primera Iglesia Bautista de Diboll. It pushed back its service to accommodate Ryan Chapel.

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