Lufkin burglars hit over 13 cars within 24-hours

Lufkin burglars hit over 13 cars within 24-hours

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Lufkin residents living in what they consider safe neighborhoods have been on the look out.

"We had a number of vehicle burglaries on Sunday night," said Webb Jenkins, a vehicle burglary victim.

Between Sunday and last night 13, cars in 10 locations were burglarized and ransacked. Several cars that were broken into were in the Inwood Terrace subdivision. Others were scattered around town.

"Two of my vehicles were broken into. The neighbors, the neighbor over here," Jenkins said.

"It's upsetting to know that someone's coming in to your space," said Melissa Haney, a resident of the subdivision.

Lufkin Police said one of their biggest concerns is what these suspects are taking out of the cars once they get inside them.

"They stole a pistol out of my truck," Jenkins said.

Out of the 13 burglaries, Lufkin PD reports that nine guns were taken out of the cars. The guns are now on the streets.

"They violate your area and steal your property, and it's terrible," Jenkins said.

"I think it makes all of us nervous just to know that someone has been up on your property and looking in your vehicle," Haney said.

Surveillance video showed one suspect bold enough to go under a carport with cameras to see what he could snag.

"I just never thought. You leave the light on, everybody does. You have alarm systems and think you try to prevent someone from breaking in. It doesn't do any good," Jenkins said.

The Lufkin Police Department said they see spikes in car burglaries during the summer, so lock your doors, and if you have guns or anything valuable, to take them out of the car.

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