Nine East Texas counties added to Presidential Disaster Declaration

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Several East Texas counties have been added to the Presidential Disaster Declaration list for public assistance.

"Great news for us," Houston County Judge Erin Ford said in an email. "It will now allow us to seek reimbursement for the damage which was caused by the torrential rains and flooding."

Houston County has 751 miles of county roads. Ford believes about 90 percent of those roads have received damage.

"The precincts had 6 foot culverts they had to install because the existing ones were blown out by the floods," Ford said. "They installed new culverts and the next day the rain washed them out."

Other counties added to the declaration are Angelina, Nacogdoches, Cherokee, Jasper, Polk, Rusk, Sabine and Tyler.

Federal funding is not available for individuals as of now.

Funding for individuals could come later and there may also be state funding available at some point.

Ford estimates the spring flooding brought $10 million in losses to the county.

"It has been hard on us," Ford said. "Our commissioners have a $500,000  budget so we have gone way above it. To explain the costs, our county budget for the year is $12 million, so we are close to that just in road repairs."

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