Our Sincere Thanks to Southern Chrysler

KTRE News wants to give a "shout out" to everyone at Southern Chrysler in Lufkin for their help yesterday.  We presented a news report with advice to consumers on how to avoid buying any cars that might have been damaged in recent flooding.  Daryl Duff is the Service and Parts Director at Southern and he had some valuable tips for car buyers.  We appreciate Daryl's help.

But when our news story was placed on KTRE's Facebook page, the photo of Southern's Car Dealership along with a headline about flooded cars, led some people to think that Southern Chrysler was selling water damaged vehicles.   Everyone, please understand: that is absolutely NOT the case.

Southern Chrysler was the "good guy" in our story.  Daryl Duff and the people at Southern were simply trying to help us help you from becoming a victim.  We thank them again for their assistance.  If you'd like to see our story again and get some great advice from Southern on this issue, go to: