Egg shortage affects East Texas bakeries

Egg shortage affects East Texas bakeries

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Every treat at Granddough's Baking Company contains one special ingredient that brings everything together, and no, it's not love. That ingredient is eggs and at Granddough's; saying they use a lot of eggs is an understatement.

"We probably use 50 to 60 dozen eggs on a weekly basis, if not more, and that's usually a slow week. That's a lot of cracking eggs." said Justin Kezar, owner of Granddough's Baking Company.

One box that Granddough's uses contains about 15 dozen eggs, and before the shortage, they paid between $22 and $25 per box. Now that price is ranging between $38 and $42 a box. It's a hefty price to pay, but Kezar said he's trying hard not to pass that cost off to you.

"To see the prices jump as quickly as they have, the bottom line really takes a hit…we're holding out and not having to adjust prices, hoping that won't last too long"," Kezar said.

But if the shortage continues on for much longer, instead of paying more for your favorite sweets, you may begin paying nothing at all. That's because Kezar said he may have to remove items from his menu that require too many eggs.

"Until it goes back down, yeah. It's just not cost-effective to keep from having to charge astronomical amounts of money for it," Kezar said.

Kezar said for now, Granddough's has been able to find and buy enough eggs to meet demand.

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