St. Cyprian's to offer middle school, opening this fall

St. Cyprian's to offer middle school, opening this fall

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Come this fall, when the school doors of St. Cyprian's open, middle school students will be in attendance for the first time ever.

"We are very excited, and we are so blessed that we have this opportunity to offer the Lufkin and surrounding communities the opportunity for their children to come enroll with us," said Dr. Sherry Durham, St. Cyprian's head of school.

St. Cyprian's built a new wing onto the building two years ago with the intention of adding a middle school, and the faculty and school board are elated to see their plan finally come to fruition.

"It's exciting to partake in, not only the planning stages with the design and construction, but to finally get to this point where we're opening," said Roger Sanders, the school board president

Along with advanced science, mathematical, engineering, technology, and art curriculum, St. Cyprian's believes their program will offer something special to students other middle schools won't.

"We will have smaller classes," said Durham. "We will also be able to offer students the opportunity to look at what their personal interests are and take interesting electives."

Many St. Cyprian's parents are pleased that their children will get to continue their education in the smaller and more personalized setting the school offers.

"I think it's great," Lia Frost, a parent of a St. Cyprian's student. "I know there have been a lot of requests from parents, including from my husband and I for our daughter. We are so excited."

The school board has also looked further into the future plans of possibly adding on a high school wing.

"We've certainly entertained the thought," Sanders said. "We'll see what God has planned for us and see what the community is willing to embrace."

For the mean time, St. Cyprian's is excited and ready to welcome their middle schoolers come August.

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