Ladyjack basketball responds to NCAA rule changes

Ladyjack basketball responds to NCAA rule changes

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - There are several rule changes the NCAA has implemented for women's basketball.

The biggest one that sticks out is the change to have four, ten minute quarters rather than two, twenty minute halves.

Another rule that caught the SFA Ladyjacks attention is teams will now reach the bonus and shoot two free throws on the fifth team foul in each quarter. Before, teams reached a one-and-one bonus on the seventh foul of each half.

The NCAA has implemented these rules and several others saying they hope to speed up the game of women's basketball.

"We're going to have to practice it and we're going to have to talk about it. It will change obviously having quarters. You're just going to have a lot of end of game, end of quarter type of situations that we traditionally didn't have," said Ladyjack head basketball coach Mark Kellogg. "There's some rules I'm not necessarily a fan of quite yet. Not having any one-on-one situations we'll have five fouls and go right to the double bonus. I don't think it's going to be great. It doesn't put as much pressure late in the game.

"The rule cuts it down in a sense of having more goals throughout the game and not saying, 'Okay let's play through this half, now let's get through to the second half.' It's more like you have four crucial points of the game so I definitely think that effects the pace," said sophomore guard Charisma Alexander.

To read more of the rules, click here.

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