Lufkin NAACP president speaks on Spokane president who allegedly pretended to be black

Lufkin NAACP president speaks on Spokane president who allegedly pretended to be black

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Lufkin NAACP President gave her insight on an NAACP president over in Washington state who is making headlines today. Her parents say she's a White woman who's been misleading everyone by declaring herself as African-American.

Rachel Dolezal is not only the president of NAACP, but a prominent leader in Spokane's African American community. When asked a question that seemed to have a Black or White answer, she didn't have one.

"...I don't understand the question," Dolezal said when asked if she was Black.

The civil rights activist has been under scrutiny since her parents revealed her identity in this interview.

"We are her birth parents and don't understand why she feels it's necessary to misrepresent her ethnicity," said Lawrence Dolezal, her father.

"If her parents hadn't said anything, no one would have made a big statement about it at all," said Guessippina Bonner, the Lufkin NAACP President.

She said the situation is ironic.

"Black people had to pass for white for self-protection," Bonner said.

Though Dolezal has been trending on social media with hashtags "transracial" Bonner said that she sees no big problem.

"There is nothing in our laws that says leadership ability is based on race," Bonner said.

Dolezal, who is also a professor of African American studies and a spokeswoman on police brutality, allegedly marked her race as Black on an application.

"I would doubt if the members in that chapter cared," Bonner said.

Bonner says the NAACP was founded on equality.

"When the founding persons got together, they were Black and White people in the room, establishing the mission for the organization," Bonner said.

She expressed that she doesn't judge the woman for the culture she chooses to identify with.

"Obviously, she was in love. I think it's wonderful for someone to be in love with Africa. I love it!" Bonner said.

Dolezal's parents say they first learned of her false claims in 2007 from a newspaper article. They say she is primarily German and Czech.

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