Rain doesn't stop East Texans from enjoying Texas Blueberry Festival

Rain doesn't stop East Texans from enjoying Texas Blueberry Festival

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - The 26th annual Texas Blueberry Festival got off to rainy start this year.

"We've had a few showers,” said Texas Blueberry festival Chair Grace Handler.

"At first it was cloudy and it felt cool but then it started to rain,” said Lufkin resident Brittney Moore.

The dreary weather didn't stop the festivities from happening.

"The show goes on,” Handler joked.

The crowd didn't seem to mind the early rain one bit.

"Oh no, I don't think it will ruin it,” Moore said. “People came prepared, they had their umbrellas and raincoat. It's still a nice event to come to."

In fact, many said the rain made things a little cooler

"It actually can cool down our people that's walking around our festival, cool down some of the vendors,” Handler said. “It makes it wonderful for a little mister, a God made mister."

According to Handler, not much can close down the festival. However, if the weather was more severe, they had a weather emergency plan intact.

Had there been lightening or heavier rain, they would have immediately closed down the slides and bounce houses, to keep everyone safe.

"Safety is our first issue with our festival as it is always our first issue,” Handler explained.

Thankfully, the rain was light and ended quickly

Come rain or shine, East Texans will never let the weather stop them from enjoying the beloved tradition of the Texas Blueberry Festival.

“Even if it's raining, we'll still be here,” said Huntington resident Brenda Howard.

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