Bank Robber in Custody

by Jessica Cervantez

A man is in custody accused of robbing a bank in Lufkin. But, the suspect didn't get far before getting caught. It all started Thursday morning when a man with a gun robbed a Lufkin bank.

The robber took off running after the crime, but his getaway was interrupted by police.

It took authorities only five minutes to get 18-year-old Christian Ray Wilson into custody.

Lt. Greg Denman, of the Lufkin police dept., said, "At 11:02 a.m. we had a robbery at the Texas State Bank, the suspect was said to be a white male carrying a duffel bag. He left the bank on foot."

Witnesses say Wilson ran behind the Randall's shopping center. After a short foot chase, he was caught on the Azalea Trail.

But, there are still a lot of unanswered questions about the robbery. Did he act alone? Is there still another suspect out there? Wilson had a walkie talkie when he was caught, leading investigators to believe there could be another person involved.

Lt. Denman said, "He has not come up with any mode of transportation, so there could be."

Less than two weeks ago, an Etoile bank was robbed, but that suspect got away. Police haven't linked the two robberies just yet, but they are finding a lot of similarities.

Lt. Denman said, "With his basic body descriptions, and with the same type of things of carrying a duffel bag, there are also some other things, and it's going to be looked at."

The bank's CEO says the suspect shook a gun at bank workers, telling them he was not afraid to use it. The employees followed bank procedure. The robbery left them a little shaken up, but nobody was hurt.

By late Thursday afternoon Texas State Bank was re-opened and they'll be open again in the morning as usual.

Investigators from several agencies will now be working together to try and figure out if Wilson is the same person involved in the Etoile robbery.