Lufkin counselor and fitness specialist responds to #BellyButtonChallenge

Lufkin counselor and fitness specialist responds to #BellyButtonChallenge

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - The "Belly Button Challenge."

The idea is, if you can reach around your back and touch your belly button, then you are considered to be fit.

Grady Lowery of Lufkin's Live Well says he has seen a number of the fads, during his over 50 years in the fitness industry.

"There are ways to determine your fitness, but the belly button challenge is not one of them," Lowery said. "A person with a longer arm proportionate to their body could do it more easily, and people who are more flexible. It's more a challenge of flexibility than it is of fitness."

Lowery says the best tip he has for you and your waist, is to wrap a tape measure around your body over your belly button. The number you get should equal half of your height.

Outside of the physical effects of this challenge, we found out the psychological effects may be just as damaging.

"Teenagers are especially vulnerable to self-image issues," said Debra Burton, a licensed professional counselor.

Burton explains that this type of call-to-action is a dangerous practice for young-adults.

"It really concerns me when there is inaccurate information being posted like this, where they can actually try to do this, see they can't do it, and think 'Well, I must not be fit, I may need to lose weight,'" Burton said.

Burton said that eating disorders often lay dormant, only needing a trigger like this public challenge.

"Something like a situation, where they start restricting, they start beginning to really go on a crash diet, and then that can actually start the beginning stages of an eating disorder," Burton said

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