Local law enforcement respond to the Dallas PD shooting

Local law enforcement respond to the Dallas PD shooting

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Police under attack. Gunfire erupted on the streets of Dallas overnight Saturday, as one man, Jim Boulware, unloaded several rounds of ammunition on Dallas Police headquarters from inside an armored vehicle.

The hours-long standoff resulted in Boulware being shot by a police sniper. And the attack is one that has local law enforcement taking notice.

"I really wasn't surprised…I think law enforcement in general has been contentious, especially since the terrorist attacks overseas…that's one of the things they do, they attack police stations", Captain Alton Lenderman said.

And while the Dallas shooting seemed to be unexpected, Lenderman says being vigilant may be the key to preventing an attack.

"What you call 'Situation Awareness', always be looking for suspicious activity or suspicious persons, have your video surveillance," Lenderman said.

Footage of the Dallas shooting was captured via cell phone, but when it comes to an attack, Lenderman says your first thought should not be to hit record.

" Now the big social media thing, everybody wants to videotape everything, but you know you could be in harm's way…because if a person's on a mission to kill people, he doesn't care if you're videotaping him with your cell phone or not...sometimes, like the old saying, curiosity killed the cat," Lenderman said.

Although exact security measures could not be revealed, Lenderman says the goal is to ensure safety.

"We're continuously reevaluating everything to make sure we can keep our employees and the public as safe as possible," Lenderman said.

The Nacogdoches Police Department said no changes have been made to security procedures in light of the shooting in Dallas.

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