Lufkin Emergency Management Coordinator says the city is prepared for Tropical Storm Bill

Lufkin Emergency Management Coordinator says the city is prepared for Tropical Storm Bill

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Tuesday, Emergency Management from across the state, joined for a very important conversation about Tropical Storm Bill.

"I had my key emergency management members come in today and that's going to be members of the fire department, police department,, and the public works guys, and we came in and we listened to the state-wide conference call," said Assistant City Manager and Emergency Management Coordinator Steve Floyd.

Floyd and his team listened closely for the biggest threat to East Texas, flooding

"We're already saturated from the rains we had last month, and we really haven't dried out a lot, so we're prepared, we have our vehicles fueled up, our equipment ready," Floyd said. "We have barricades and cones and all the necessary things to block off streets when the need arises."

While Floyd said they believe the storm will move mostly west of East Texas, there are still disaster plans ready and on standby.

"You know another problem for us could be high winds," Floyd said. "If we get any of the outer bands that come around with any type of high wind, the potential for trees to blow over would be there. That's because the ground is saturated and it doesn't support them well."

In the event of evacuations, Lufkin's Convention Center will become a temporary home for evacuees, but as of the right now, he does not believe that extra precautionary measure will be necessary in the coming days.

"So the city of Lufkin, we're ready to go," Floyd said. "I have visited with the county emergency management team, and we stand ready to support them and they'll help us in the event that something should happen. So I think, Lufkin/Angelina County is in a good spot. We're ready to go."

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