Tyler County prepares for possibility of more flooding

Tyler County prepares for possibility of more flooding

WOODVILLE, TX (KTRE) - From severely flooded roads to now passable roads, round one of recent rain in Tyler County took with it much of one roadway making it not only difficult but dangerous for residents in the area to get home. As Tropical Storm Bill washes over parts of Texas, the threat of a flooding repeat has residents wondering what's next.

"That Mother Nature, you never can tell," said Richard Warner, Tyler Co. resident.

Living so closely to the water, residents like Richard Warner are used to the possibility of flooding which has taught them to stay on high alert.

"We've got everything ready to throw in the truck and go if that becomes necessary … pray for the best and prepare for the worst," Warner said.

While Tyler County Emergency Management is keeping a close eye on the situation, officials there say more rain is not what the county needs.

"Conditions here are already saturated. Our rivers and streams are already full, our lakes are full, and we really didn't have any place to put the water," said Dale Freeman, Tyler County's emergency management coordinator.

And with area bodies of water already at capacity, comes the fear of more flooding as dams will need to be released.

"It'll not only be devastating for us, but places downstream like Harden County, Jasper County and even the city of Beaumont," Freeman said.

However, Warner is remaining optimistic remaining optimistic.

"I think everything is going to be alright just based on keeping track of the rainfall that's expected for this area," Warner said.

Freeman said Tyler County is organizing a donations project to help aide residents displaced by disaster. Contact Tyler County Emergency Management for information on how you can donate.

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