Flooding rains threaten Houston County roads for a second time

Flooding rains threaten Houston County roads for a second time

CROCKETT, TX (KTRE) - Houston County Commissioners are just getting the roads put back together, but Tropical Storm Bill could ruin the work.

The month of May brought a record amount of rain and damage to Houston County. The rainfall caused an estimated $10 million in damage.

"The repairs are moving forward, but they are slow," said Precinct 1 Commissioner Roger Dickey. "We are just trying to get it all done."

Bill could bring about five to eight inches of rain to Houston County.

"It looks like we are going to get a lot of rain on top of stuff we don't need rain on," said Emergency Management Coordinator David Lamb. "All that hard work that they've done over the last month with five to eight inches of rainfall is probably going to be gone."

The county just received FEMA aid after the president added the county to the presidential disaster declaration. Right now, the county is getting everything in order in case shelters do need to be opened up. First Baptist and First United Methodist Church will be shelters if needed. That decision will be made once the rains do fall.

"If we have an area that was under potential threat of flooding, and we want them to evacuate, we would get law enforcement to go out with a public address system and get the word out," Lamb said.

The county is in talks with the EMS service and with law enforcement. Lamb said they can also use the game wardens to help if needed.

"I know we have all heard it numerous times on y'all's station and other places," Dickey said. "If there is high water, don't try to drive through it. We don't know if the road is going to be there or not. You know the saying, turn around, don't drown."

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