Harassment case involving Church of Wells deacon settled in NY court

Harassment case involving Church of Wells deacon settled in NY court

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - A court case involving a Church of Wells deacon was settled in New York on Tuesday, June 17.

Church of Wells deacon Richard Trudeau was arrested in Franklin County, New York, in 2014 following allegations that he made threatening phone calls to a woman who he has a child with in the area.

According to prosecuting attorney Effie Kyriakopoulous, the case was settled after both sides agreed a second- degree harassment charge would be dropped if Trudeau could follow specific orders over the next year.

"My client filed a family offense petition after Trudeau made threats that his son would get brought to him," family attorney Kevin Nichols said. "On the call, my client asks how her son would get brought and Trudeau says because you will be dead."

Kyriakopoulous said the original aggravated harassment charge was found unconstitutional by the higher court in New York, so the state had to get a lesser charge on Trudeau.

"With the new charge, the maximum we could get for a sentence was 15 days in jail," Kyriakopoulous said. "He had already been in jail for 20 days leading up to this court date, so there was not much more I could have gotten."

Nichols said if Trudeau violates the order of protection he could end up in the county jail for a year.

"That's just on the order," Nichols said. "On the criminal side there could be more felony charges if he violates the order."

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