Nacogdoches residents deal with rain bands from Tropical Depression Bill

Nacogdoches residents deal with rain bands from Tropical Depression Bill

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Steady rainfall from Tropical Depression Bill continued throughout the day in Nacogdoches.

Roadways remain passable, but sudden downpours can create issues now and on down the road.Banita and Lanana Creeks rushed through Nacogdoches, but remained in their banks.

Motorists did their fare share of rushing around, but most managed to stay on the road despite flooded lanes on University, North and Pearl Streets during heavy downpours.

A vehicle's interior provided welcomed protection from high and wide splashes that can block nearby motorist's vision.

The Texas Department of Transportation's ongoing installation of new culverts along west loop 224 quickly controlled runoff. The project left off at a church where members may be wondering if an ark is in order. The driveway is immersed.

Texas Transportation Commission member Jeff Austin weathered the roadways for a Nacogdoches speaking engagement. The Tyler banker warned road conditions may get worse before they get better.

" We're probably not going to see the real damage until five, four or five months later when things start to dry out," Texas Transportation Commission member Jeff Austin III said .Repairs are expected to reach $27 million, meaning already scheduled road projects could be placed on hold.

"We do have the option because the control the letting schedule to potentially delay. Maintenance is job one, to keep Texas moving and to keep Texas safe," Austin said.

A 4 year old's birthday party was 'crashed' when a heavy limb fell on two of the guest's vehicles. The branches shattered the windshield and even dented the roof and hood of this jeep. The other vehicle narrowly missed being damaged.

Another instance of how an excessively wet spring can cause short and long term issues for East Texans.

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