Lufkin travel agent gives vacation safety advice

Lufkin travel agent gives vacation safety advice

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - The key to any good vacation is having fun, but according to travel agents, while East Texans are traveling this summer, their biggest concern should be safety, beginning with their homes.

"The main thing is to make sure it looks like somebody is there, not obvious that they're gone," said Nancy Mize, Holiday Travel owner and agent.

According to Mize, the best way to do this is have a neighbor or friend come check on your home, pick up the mail, mow the lawn, and just keep an eye on things. She said it's also good idea to be discreet online.

"Be careful who you tell your going somewhere and the number one no-no, don't post it all over Facebook, unless you have someone staying in your house," Mize said.

Mize said if you want to post during your vacation to put privacy settings on your Facebook account.

People can also protect your home with your luggage tag.

"The ones they have now are covered like that and you put your name and address on the inside and you loop it around your suitcase and it seals it shut," Mize explained. "That way no one at the airport sees your address."

People can also put their business card inside their luggage tags, instead of their home address. That way if the luggage gets lost, airports can send it to a business and no one will get the address.

Mize said it's also important for those traveling to let the credit card company know. She explained it might be a good idea to keep credit card information stored in a cell phone, based off of a personal experience.

"I was pick-pocketed when I was in Rome last, and fortunately I had downloaded on my phone my credit card number, my pin number and the phone number on my credit cards," Mize said. "In probably two hours of knowing I was robbed, I was able to stop my cards."

Lastly, Mize said don't take anything that's too valuable to lose. Vacations are meant to be fun, not full of stress and worry.

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