Tree collapses on Woodville home

Tree collapses on Woodville home

WOODVILLE, TX (KTRE) - What seemed like the beginning of a dream - a new start in a new home - has now turned into a living nightmare for one Tyler County family. Charles Berry and his family of six had just left their home in Woodville when they got the call Wednesday night saying a tree had fallen on their home.

"Water was going everywhere…it was just demolished. But when we saw it and they were working on it, it's still pretty bad but it's not as bad as we were thinking," said homeowner Charles Berry.

With the roof caved in and the water shut off, the home is no longer livable. That is especially painful for Berry who said he and his family just moved in one month ago.

"It's been hard to get in there because it was bad before we got in there, it was just real bad. So we had to work to get it cleaned out and get it back looking good and now a tree fell on it, and it just took us back to the beginning," Berry said with a sigh.

For now, Berry and his family are staying with relatives. Friends and neighbors have done what they can to show support, something Berry is grateful for since he doesn't have homeowner's insurance.

"Right now I'm the only person that's working, so we're really tight for money, so we'll have to take it one step at a time to get it done," Berry said.

Despite the long road ahead, Berry is still able to look on the bright side and find joy in no one being hurt.

"Very thankful! I'm more happy that no one was here when it fell in than somebody being here, so just really thankful that, that didn't happen," Berry said.

Berry said once he is able to get money for the repairs, the city of Woodville will restore water to the home.

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