Trinity County flooding continues leaving neighborhood under water for month

Trinity County flooding continues leaving neighborhood under water for month

TRINITY COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - Trinity County has been repeatedly hit hard with severe weather, and residents haven't had time to recover from May showers. Tonight, the Sheriff's Department will be deciding if one neighborhood will be asked to evacuate.

The Trinity River in Trinity County is more than three feet over the flood stage.

"It's up quite a bit." said Gale Jones, a Trinity County resident.

"We're trying to decide whether we need to do a mandatory evacuation," said Woody Wallace, the Trinity County Sheriff.

Several roads along 94 were impassable. FM 2262, FM 3154, FM 357 and FM 1280 under water has become a common sight during the past month.

"I have it on my rain gauge. It's like something unreal," Jones said.

Jones just built her home. She says the water has flooded out several homes in Deer Run, and she's grateful she built 12 feet up.

"We built it and designed it high and dry," said Jones.

Residents in Sportsman Oaks aren't so fortunate.

"We will find some shelters to put some people if they don't have family to go to," Wallace said.

The subdivision has been under water over a month. No one has seen the high water last this long.

"I do know it has not been up this high for this long," Wallace said.

Trinity Sheriff's department can only access residents by boat.  Thursday, they asked residents if they needed anything and brought medication to the elderly.

"People today told us that they want to come out," Wallace said.

Some are waiting until conditions become severe. Wallace says the section of the Trinity River in Dallas flows south when they release water.

"We're trying to get with Trinity River Authority to find out what the predictions are," Wallace said.

"The water comes down here when they open their gates," Jones said.

Until then, those residents who stay at home continue to hope the relentless rain lets up.

"We can get in the boat, drive out, paddle out!" Jones said.

The mile-long road leading to the neighborhood is under an estimated 4-feet of water.

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