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02/11/05 - Houston County

Drug Arrests Sweep Houston County

by Chris Cato

Stephen Godfrey, the Assistant Commander of the Narcotics Task Force said, "when they know that we're here, they have a way of falling through the cracks and getting into their hiding spots."

There was no hiding after a major warrant sweep across Houston County rounded up several suspected drug dealers Friday afternoon. Undercover work paid off as 11 people were arrested on 'drug related' charges.

One by one, they were brought to the Houston County Jail. Details about the investigation have not been released yet, but narcotics officers tell us many of those arrested were 'mid-level' drug dealers accused of dealing in anything from cocaine to marijuana.

The Houston County Sheriff says he's just happy to get drug suppliers off the streets.

Houston County Sheriff Darrell Bobbitt said, "the fact of the matter is there are people that sell drugs and that is something that's a detriment to our county, to our citizens, and our children."

The investigation and arrests were done by a cooperative effort by the Nacogdoches County Narcotics Task Force and the Houston County Sheriff's Department.

In a surprise to many, one of the arrests came from a Houston County Prison, and it wasn't an inmate.

A prison guard at the Easham unit correctional facility was one of the people arrested in the drug sweep. The guard, who's identity hasn't been released yet, was arrested at the prison while he was at work.

Details of his exact charges are still unclear, but before he was brought into the Houston County Jail, he was stripped of his uniform.

A warden we spoke with says the unfortunate incident was not only an embarrassment to the guard, but to the entire prison staff. If convicted, that guard will likely serve some time in prison, but officials we spoke with say he will not serve time in the Eastham Unit where he worked.

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