Jasper County estimates another $6.6 million in flood damage

Jasper County estimates another $6.6 million in flood damage
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff

JASPER COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - Jasper County is recovering from extreme downpours last week. County leaders told East Texas News that damages caused by those showers are at $6.6 million.

A Jasper County resident says their mopping, cleaning, and sanitizing last week's downpour off their floors is still not finished.

"The mold has took over the house over the period of time," said Shannon Thomas, a Jasper County resident.

The county soaked up record rain again.

"It was about 10 to 15 inches.  That's a lot of water to come down at such a short period of time," said Billy Ted Smith, the Jasper County Emergency Manager.

"The water has come in our home twice within a month, and it began to be more than we could bear on the cleanup side," Thomas said.

It's more than the Thomas family can bear, but the county is taking it hard as well.

"Weather services said we could get a lot, but we didn't know how much," Smith said.

Several people were rescued out of the high waters last week.  After a preliminary review,  Smith says over 100 roads, particularly near the southern part of the county, are damaged.

"We weren't ready for this, and no one else was," Smith said.

"We have to leave out. we can't stand around and walk in that water," Thomas said.

Smith says the $6.6 million is not in the county's budget. The work to repair damages from disaster declaration had just started, only to be washed away by even more downpours..

Meanwhile, relocation is not in the Thomas' budget either, and until it is, Thomas said, "I'm like this ma'am. I'm praying all the time."

Smith says emergency management hopes to qualify for more funding outside of those that will come from the disaster declaration to help them off set the cost of repairs.

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