Despite summer sunshine Davy Crockett Forest roads still closed

Despite summer sunshine Davy Crockett Forest roads still closed

HOUSTON COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - The U.S. Forest service is hoping to have all Davy Crockett forest roads opened for the summer crowds.

Numerous roads are closed after a recording setting Spring rainfall. Many of the roads have become dangerous to drive on, if not impassable.

"The forest service roads were never designed, built or maintained for public access to private properties," District Ranger Gerald Lawrence said. "That's the challenge now we are experiencing tight now."

Roads closed to all traffic are: Roads 591, 586, 533, 563, 502A, 505 and 510B. Roads closed to traffic except for those who need access to their property are: Roads, 568, 501 and 527. In addition, Road 513 is closed north of 521 to south of 558, and Road 511 is closed south of 560 and north of County Road 1155 and south of Hwy. 7 to north of 527.

"We will begin repairs on these roads as soon as the ground dries out enough to get heavy equipment in," Lawrence said. "We know this is frustrating for the public and it is frustrating for us as well. If we can get a few days of dry weather we will be out making repairs," he said. "Even though it may be a mile or two out of the way, we ask that residents who have alternate routes to their property use them while we make repairs."

The roads are not the only affected areas. The Ratcliff Recreational Area has also experienced issues. Last month, the park was temporarily closed after a large amount of tress fell in the park. The spill way on the dam has also been damaged and will need repairs.

"The swimming should not be affected," Lawrence said. " We might just have to move the area back some but they should be okay."

The Ranger station in Ratcliff has made park maps available to all guest with updated road conditions.

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