Woman Arrested At Lufkin Hotel For Cooking Meth

"It's a lot harder to track them, it's a lot harder to find them. They're very mobile," said Lt.. David Young of the Lufkin Police Department.

Officers were tipped off Friday afternoon to the Budget Inn in Lufkin. After watching the room closely, narcotics officers decided to move in, and it wasn't a big surprise what they found.

35-year-old Dorina Moreno cooking up meth, an unfortunately common drug in East Texas.

Young said, "we're seeing an explosive growth in the manufacturing and use of methamphetamine in East Texas right now. Manufacturers like to use places where they feel safe. They will use a motel room."

It wasn't the first time Moreno had a run in with the law. She was also wanted for not complying with the terms of her probation from a previous charge. Her crime:

"The probation was originally for a charge of smuggling drugs into a correctional facility," said Young.

She was bringing the drugs to an inmate she was visiting. Now she herself is behind bars once again, this time for cooking meth in the Budget Inn hotel room. Officers say if something went wrong while she was cooking it, there could have been an explosion.

"While it's not an exceptionally difficult process, it can be dangerous. It does involve the use of heat and the use of chemicals and sometimes that goes bad and there are explosions," said Young.

Considering she was in a hotel room, an explosion could have created a deadly situation not only for herself, but those staying in the rooms around her. Thanks to a tip, officers shut this meth lab down.

Officers also caught another person leaving Moreno's room moments before her arrest. He was found and charged with possession of marijuana.

Moreno's arrest adds to the already increasing number of meth busts in the East Texas area. Several arrests have occurred this week alone, including two major busts on Thursday. All together, this makes at least 9 meth busts in the East Texas area in just one week.