Man Indicted For Assaulting A Officer In Jail - | Lufkin and Nacogdoches, Texas

02/12/05 - Nacogdoches

Man Indicted For Assaulting A Officer In Jail

by Chris Cato

The man who says he was beaten after submitting to officers at the Nacogdoches County Jail has been indicted on two counts of assaulting a police officer.

Back in December, Brandon Rogers allegedly fought two jail employees while being moved from a day room back to his cell. Rogers family says the jailers, Lieutenant Michael Kennedy and Woody Jernigan, beat Rogers after he was already subdued.

Since the incident, Rogers has been moved to the Smith County Jail and the Texas Rangers have been called in to investigate the incident.

While the findings of that investigation are still not available, the NAACP did their own investigation. They claim that Rogers was the victim of a vicious beating that was unnecessary. The NAACP says while they cannot excuse Rogers' past history of resisting arrest, their main concern is that the alleged beating does not go un-noticed by the Sheriff, and that the officers accused of the beating don't get away with it.

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