Tony-Franklin Foundation Benefit Valentine Banquet

The Tony-Franklin Foundation held their own Valentine Banquet Saturday night at the Pine Creek Lodge in Nacogdoches County.

The foundation that financially assists cancer patients celebrated the end of their first year in Nacogdoches with a romantic Valentine's dinner. The room was filled with both those who have survived cancer and those who are still fighting the battle.

Organizers of the dinner say the foundation was created after a man suffering through cancer lost everything he had to the price of the cancer treatments.

Dorothy Kelley of the Tony-Franklin Foundation said, "he would say 'I'm gonna get better and we're gonna start a foundation. No one will ever go through what I went through. We will start this.'"

Foundation members say the process of surviving cancer can get expensive, that's why the Tony-Franklin Foundation helps pay for medicine, food, and even gas to get to and from the doctors.

If you would like more information about the foundation, you can call (936) 462-9833 or (936) 569-0756.