Crockett churches hosting multiple events to unite community

Crockett churches hosting multiple events to unite community

CROCKETT, TX (KTRE) - In light of the recent events in Charleston, South Carolina, several churches from across Houston County are coming together for a community-wide church service during the 4th of July weekend, to bring unity among the different denominations and races . There will be two nights of city-wide worship service.

Before this event takes place, two of the pastors will be switching congregations. Keeney Dickinson, pastor of Crockett's "First Baptist Church" will be switching pulpits with Pastor Lance Mann of St Luke's Missionary Baptist Church, a predominately black church.

"It's a rather historic event," Dickenson said. "I don't believe this has ever happened between the two churches. I have preached at St. Luke's but never have we exchanged pulpits. It is going to show we are united in our views despite our two groups."

The following weekend, all Houston County churches are asked to come out to the Crockett Civic Center for a community wide service. The first will be on July 4 from 5-8:30 p.m. and on the 5th from the same time.

"We are going to have refreshments and then that evening we are going to have gospel and patriotic music then they can go outside and enjoy the outdoor fireworks," Calvary Baptist Pastor Reggie Gregory said.

"It cuts across denomination lines, racial lines Kind of the phrase I have been using is we are separated by race and united by grace," Dickenson said.

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