Last Minute Valentine's Day Gifts

So you waited till the last minute to get your Valentine's gift. Well, don't sweat too much. We have some ideas for you.

First stop, a jewelry store, because everyone knows that diamonds are a girl's best friend.

James Dunn, a Manager at Zales Jewelry said, "Hearts. Diamond heart pendants, stud earrings, diamond earrings."

The general rule of thumb about jewelry is more sparkle the better. And if you want to suprise your sweetie, there's no substitute for a big rock on her finger.

Stores like Bath and Body works almost always work for a romantic gift, not just because of the scents, but because of the personal touch you can give.

Amber Wozniak, a Manager at Bath and Body works said, "A lot of massage, yes, got a lot of that. More massage stuff but we're selling a little bit of everything though."

A lot of guys are trying things to get a little closer to their sweethearts this year. Just remember, all things in moderation. And if you're just getting started in that relationship, you may want to stay clear of the lingere store.

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