Lufkin Marine Corps League donates flags to Angelina County

Lufkin Marine Corps League donates flags to Angelina County
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - To the average person, the facility inside the Angelina County jail looks just like an ordinary courtroom, but it's the story behind it and the unique touch that it was missing which truly make it one of a kind.

From the metal benches, to the sketched mural on the wall and even the bench where a judge sits; each was hand-crafted with the help of current inmates, called "trustees" at the Angelina County jail. But through all those elements, something was still missing.

"The thing that was lacking was not having any flags in the courtroom," said Judge Billy Ball, Angelina County.

Unfortunately, there were no funds left to purchase the needed flags and that's where the Marine Corp League came to the rescue.

"We brought it up at one of our regular monthly meetings and we unanimously voted to buy the flags and to present them to the county court and put them in Judge Ball's court up there at the jail and so that's how this all came together," said Brian Crews, Marine Corps League.

With the addition of both the American and Texas flags, Ball believes an important message will be sent to all who enter the courtroom.

"We wanted to this courtroom to be just like the other courtrooms and to send a message that this is serious and that this is a courtroom and this is a hearing," Ball said.

For Crews and the Marine Corps League, donating the flags was just another chance to give back to the community but as for Ball, the meaning go deeper.

"I'm a Navy guy and I'm a Vietnam veteran and so anytime we can have our flags, that's important to me. That's what this country is all about," Ball said.

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