East Texas county clerks say patience is needed from same-sex couples

East Texas county clerks say patience is needed from same-sex couples

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - East Texas county clerks are asking for patience on same-sex marriage requests despite the U.S. Supreme Court announcing their decision to make same-sex marriage legal.

In what is being called a landmark decision by the high court, a vote of 5-4 lifted same-sex marriage bans across the country, including Texas. Hours after the announcement was made couples across the state made their way to courthouses to pick up the forms needed to get married. The only problem was the forms were not ready.

"On our application when people come in to fill out a marriage license, it says bride and groom," Angelina County Clerk Amy Fincher said. "That comes from the state so I am assuming they will have to be the ones to fix that."

Fincher said she will continue to hold off issuing the licenses until she get's official word from Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton. Fincher said the decision to wait is not based on her personal views, and she will only follow the law that is handed down. Fincher hoped to have an answer from Paxton's office by the end of the day Friday, but was never given one.

"My personal opinion has nothing to do with it," Fincher said. "I'll just uphold the law whenever that will be."

Nacogdoches County Clerk June Clifton said they are waiting for answers just like the people waiting to get married.

"You know we are not separate from the rest of the world," Clifton said. "We have the same issues and same request that people have in other states."

Fincher pointed out that once same-sex couples get a license, they will have to wait for 72 hours before they can get married.

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