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Nacogdoches residents celebrate Supreme Court's same-sex marriage ruling

Source: KTRE Staff Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff Source: KTRE Staff

It's a day that many thought they would never see in this lifetime. But today, the Supreme Court ruled in a favor of same-sex marriage turning what was once a distant dream into a reality. 

And while nation-wide the feelings may be mixed, here at home at the rally in Pecan Park, the excitement couldn't be more visible. 

“It's amazing…I've been seen as a single mother for two years and now all of a sudden, Texas is like oh yeah you do have a wife," said Stina and Veronica Herrera, married for 4 years.

And Although Stina and Veronica Herrera married 4 years ago in Washington D.C., today's decision still brought with it disbelief. 

“I called her and we were just kind of in shock for a better part of the day," Herrera said. 

The rally brought together all types of Deep East Texans, simply wanting to celebrate what many consider a victory. As for Alayna Matthews and Katheryn Fishburn, one expected today's decision and the other did not. 

“Yeah…Not here. No I didn't, she did. I wasn't as hopeful," said Katheryn Fishburn and Alayna Matthews.

The couple has only been dating for seven months. And while you may think today's decision has same-sex couples everything running to the courthouse, think again.

"No, not yet. Nothing immediate, if it happens, it happens," the couple said.

For many, it is the result of a battle well fought and a day that will go down in history.

"No, no, we'll remember this forever...yeah," the couple said.

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