Forest Service urge East Texans to be cautious with fireworks

Forest Service urge East Texans to be cautious with fireworks

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - 4th of July it's all about the fireworks and thanks to recent rains, East Texans are in the clear to shoot off the colorful explosives this weekend.

 "Right now we're in good shape," said fire prevention specialist Jan Amen. "There are no burn bans in East Texas and our fire danger is low or medium."

Even though the risk of trees and forests burning is lower than years past, it's still possible for them to catch on fire.

"Any spark has the potential to start a fire so we're lucky to have some moisture in our fuels, but it's still something to be careful of."

While moisture makes it less likely for trees to catch fire, it has the opposite effect on grass.

"We're going to get more fuel loading from rains that makes the grass grow faster and thicker and deeper and taller," Amen said. "Some people haven't been able to mow because it's muddy so the fire danger is possible and any spark can cause a fire.">

Amen urged those who are setting off fireworks this weekend to be careful, beginning with where they shoot them off.

"When you do fireworks, you need to do them away from structures of any kind or anything that's dry," Amen said. "Any kinds of fuel or gasoline."

Amen also urged people to read the instructions on the firework labels to properly set them and to never let a child set or play with the fireworks.

While celebrating the 4th of July, the Texas A&M Forest Service wants everyone to have fun, but to be safe and to remember the words of Smokey Bear… only you can prevent wildfires.

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