Change to livestock ordinance concerning Alto residents

Change to livestock ordinance concerning Alto residents

ALTO, TX (KTRE) - A change to Alto's city ordinance has animal owners concerned.

The amended article about animals and livestock states no one inside the city will be allowed to own livestock if they own less than five acres of land and live closer than 200 feet to a neighboring resident. The original ordinance for the city had many livestock animals listen under the domestic category. That has been changed as well as adding the acre amount.

"I've lived here 14 years and have never had no trouble with them," Alto resident W.G. Adams said. "Now all at once, I am having trouble with them."

Adams' home is just on the edge of the city. His property is just under the five-acre minimum. Adams has two calves and is planning on selling them in a few months. He plans on making this an annual thing to help with his fixed-income. Adams feels the change is not fair.

"If you got one acre with 15 horses on it that's a bad thing and that's hurting everybody," Adams said. "What I'm doing out here isn't hurting nobody."

Adams said he was just notified on Wednesday while other neighbors were told in June. Adams said the announcement to him has given him little time to take care of his animals.

"They gave me one week or $500 per day until I get it moved," Adams said. "I don't have anywhere to put them, so I don't know what I am going to do."

Alto City Secretary Cindy Murray said the city has been receiving a lot of calls and concerns on the matter and is looking at ways to make the process work smoothly.

"Not many cities allow for livestock in the city," Murray said. "It's become a real problem with everybody having chickens, goats, and pigs and different things in their yards. We have had complaints about animals messing up property or being on other people's property."

Murray said the city is talking with residents and will address the matter at the next city council meeting.

"I am going to ask that they grandfather anyone in that was already in compliance with the original ordinance which it's not very many," Murray said.

Adams is hopeful he falls in with that group. The council meeting is set for July 20.

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