Jailers Not Indicted

There's been a Grand Jury indictment in Nacogdoches County for a man accused of assaulting jailers. Brandon Rogers claimed he was beaten by the jailers while in custody.

Grand jurors saw enough evidence to indict Rogers on two counts of assault, but not enough to indict the jailers he accuses.

Sheriff Thomas Kerss says several unrelated altercations where jail staff members have been hurt by inmates could lead to some changes at the jail. "We will try to identify ways that we can better control those inmates while minimizing the risk to the staff and the inmates. And we do anticipate some policy changes in the near future," said Kerss.

Kerss says when Rogers returns to the Nacogdoches County Jail from another facility he plans to access the situation closely. He may have to place Brandon in an isolated cell if one is available.

The sheriff is planning to conduct his own investigation. That investigation is expected to be very similar to the Texas Rangers' review.