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City of Nacogdoches starts awareness program about downtown truck ban

Source: KTRE Staff Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff Source: KTRE Staff
NACOGDOCHES, TX (News Release) -

The city of Nacogdoches has recently begun an awareness campaign for the downtown truck ordinance. The city, the police department and the residents, business owners and visitors of the downtown area have seen an increase in downtown truck traffic that is in violation of the ordinance. The ordinance, on the books for years, is even more relevant today than when it was written.

The complaints against the large trucks coming through downtown range from noise issues to damaged bricks to aesthetics to safety.  The police department frequently encountered truck drivers who were sent by GPS or freight orders through this route and often were unaware of the ordinance. However, many were simply ignoring the ordinance.

Recently the city began researching methods to decrease the amount of large trucks traveling through downtown. One chosen method is wrapping the poles for the signs prohibiting through traffic with high visibility tape in anticipation that the higher visibility will catch the attention of truck drivers before they get to the downtown area. The police department will allow a brief grace period and then heavy enforcement will begin.

“With continually increasing traffic on North Street, Main Street and other major roadways, there has been a corresponding increase in truck traffic, much of it passing through town,” stated Nacogdoches City Manager, Jim Jeffers. “We found that City and State signage needed to be improved. We anticipate that the improved signage, coupled with enforcement, will divert most of the pass through truck traffic to the loop, helping to preserve the downtown brick streets and improving safety for pedestrian and vehicular traffic. We are thankful for the cooperation and guidance provided by TxDOT.”

The ordinance states, in part, that no truck over a one and a half ton capacity is allowed to travel through downtown unless it is there on deliveries or pickups.  All trucks traveling through the city without deliveries or pickups are required to travel on Loop 224, around town.

In the attached photos, Public Works Director, Cary Walker and Public Works employee, Bryan Sylvester, attach high visibility wrap around one of the city’s six No Downtown Truck Traffic signs.

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